National Botox Day is in November: What are the Benefits of Botox?

Actual Patient

National Botox Day is in November: What are the Benefits of Botox?

Actual Patient

National Botox Day is in November: What are the Benefits of Botox?

Actual Patient

National Botox Day is in November: What are the Benefits of Botox?

Actual Patient

Woman Getting Botox Treatment​​​​​​​

Botox is considered  the original aesthetics treatment, and today it still remains one of the most popular procedures, chosen by both men and women who want to alter the appearance of their face so that they look less tired and more youthful than before.


November 18, 2020 is the second ever National Botox Day – a day created by Botox parent company Allergan to celebrate its most popular injectable product. Allergan chose November for this special holiday since it falls in the middle of their busiest season. Not surprising really considering many people choose to either get Botox for the first time, or top up their existing Botox, ready for the holiday period.


If you are new to Botox, here’s what you need to know about this extremely popular and transformative treatment.

Botox: an overview


Botox is sometimes referred to as ‘an injectable’ owing to the mode with which the treatment is administered. Botox is short for Botulinum Toxin Type A, the neurotoxin which is used to create a therapeutic effect. When Botox is injected into the facial muscles, it temporarily restricts their movement. Since the muscles can’t change shape when you make an expression, neither can the overlying skin. This keeps the skin flat, smooth, and unable to form the fine lines and wrinkles that are associated with aging. Botox typically lasts anywhere up to 6 months before patients require further treatment to maintain results. The procedure itself is largely painless thanks to the tiny needle that is used to administer the product.

Benefits of Botox


There are many reasons why Botox is a much-loved option for many patients hoping to counteract or at the very least delay the physical signs of the aging process. These include, but aren’t limited to:

A more youthful appearance

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the biggest benefits of Botox and is the primary motivation for many patients who choose to undergo the procedure. Botox can be used to reduce moderate to severe lines in the upper face, smoothing the skin so that it appears fresher, tighter, and more youthful. Many people liken the effect to a non-invasive facelift.


Prevention of future wrinkles


Studies have also found that Botox injections are effective as a preventative measure against future lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles form when the collagen beneath the skin creases and breaks with repeated movements, However, since Botox makes it much harder for the muscles to contract, it also prevents the overlying skin from moving. As a result, it is much more difficult for patients to develop the lines and wrinkles associated with the aging process.


Botox is minimally invasive


Unlike face lifts and other invasive surgeries, Botox requires only pinprick administration, making it much less invasive. The needle is so fine that most patients find that they can’t even feel it, but topical anaesthetic may be made available to you if you feel it would help you to feel more comfortable. The side effects of Botox are few and far between too, and most patients experience no downtime, no complications, and no long-lasting negative effects. Patients can receive treatment and get back to their usual activities right away following their appointment.


Botox is proven as safe to use by the FDA


Botox was approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration in 2002 and remains an extremely safe and effective method of treating mild to moderate signs of aging.


Affordable aesthetics


Botox is a much less expensive alternative to a facelift and other cosmetic procedures. It is usually priced per unit and your plastic surgeon, Dr. Nathan Eberle will be able to advise you how many units you are likely to need and what you can expect your treatment to cost. It’s important to remember that you aren’t only paying for the substance itself, but also for the skill and experience of your plastic surgery team at Weston Center for Plastic Surgery.  


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