Augmentation for Breast Disparity Before and After Pictures in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Women located in or around Fort Lauderdale and Broward County who are experiencing discomfort or do not feel as confident as they wish due to breast size or shape disparity should contact the Weston Center for Plastic Surgery for breast augmentation for breast disparity. We invite you to check out before and after pictures below featuring real patients of our board-certified plastic surgeon

Augmentation for Breast Disparity

Breast reconstruction is done after mastectomy or for conditions resulting from prior breast surgery which has left scarring, deformity, and/or disparity in breast size or position.  This type of surgery may require the use of tissue re-arrangement, implants, or implantable tissue derived matrices (mesh) to correct the problem.

In most cases, this type of breast augmentation is achieved by surgically inserting implants (silicone or saline) under the chest muscle. Our doctor is highly experienced with this process and can provide the desired results with minimal scarring. Even if you don’t wish to augment dramatically, the doctor can help balance the breasts and improve self-esteem.

With augmentation for the disparity, the doctor will consult with you to make certain the desired results are achieved. On the day of the surgery, general anesthesia is used before the incision is made. Depending on the desired results, the incision may be under the breast, around the areola. After the implant is placed and positioned, the incision is sealed with sutures.

Each procedure will be slightly different, based on the desired results and the body type of the patient. You will understand the process better, and how it will affect you, after consulting with the team at the Weston Center for Plastic Surgery.

Broward County and Fort Lauderdale women who wish to enhance the size, shape, or symmetry of their breasts should contact us at the Weston Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a breast augmentation for breast disparity consultation.



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