Botox Before & After Pictures in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Botox® is incredibly effective in reversing physical signs of aging, including wrinkles, creases, “crow’s feet” and more. Men and women in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County are scheduling consultations with our board certified plastic surgeon at the Weston Center for Plastic Surgery.

Botox® is one of the world’s most coveted dermal filler treatments available today. Known medically as botulinumtoxin type A, Botox® primarily functions by momentarily blocking nerve signals, allowing wrinkles and creases the opportunity to smooth over. The effects of Botox® are almost instant, and patients are free to go back to their day following the procedure. Many clients refer to Botox® as a “lunchtime treatment” because of its almost nonexistent recovery time. Additionally, Botox® has been proven effective is treating persistent underarm perspiration, chronic migraines, and even overactive bladder.

The injections can be administered in our Weston office and take just 10 to 20 minutes of your time. Botox® is injected directly into the facial muscles using a thin, fine gauge needle. It can improve the appearance of wrinkles, dips, contours, grooves, creases, and reduced skin elasticity in various problem areas of the skin. To see the effects of Botox® on real patients, view our before and after pictures below:

If you are eager to reverse the effects of aging, contact the Weston Center for Plastic Surgery today. The doctor and his friendly, attentive team are happy to help clients in Broward County and Fort Lauderdale looking smoothen wrinkles and lines in their face by use of Botox®.

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