The Latest Advances in Sculptra BBL

Actual Patient

The Latest Advances in Sculptra BBL

Actual Patient

The Latest Advances in Sculptra BBL

Actual Patient

The Latest Advances in Sculptra BBL

Actual Patient

Sculptra BBL

For the longest time, BBL has been the ideal procedure to get that fantastic butt. It comprises two different treatments that use your natural fat to change the shape of your butt. It is much safer than implant procedures because it uses your natural body fat. This procedure involves the surgeon harvesting fat from another part of your body and injecting it into your butt. However, it is not the only way to get an ideal butt.

A new treatment called Sculptra BBL offers significant benefits over traditional BBL. It improves your butt in a single procedure. Your surgeon will not need to harvest fat from any other body part. 


What Is Sculptra BBL? 


Sculptra BBL is an injectable treatment that surgeons use to improve the appearance of your butt. Unlike traditional BBL, this treatment does not require the use of fat to improve butt appearance. Instead, the injections stimulate collagen growth, filling up sagging skin and dimples. 

The treatment was initially designed to help correct facial volume loss. However, its incredible efficacy in stimulating collagen production in the body made it available for other treatments. But despite its results and effectiveness, it can only deliver a limited volume. Because of this, surgeons only use it for patients who need mild to moderate volume increase.


What Are the Benefits of Sculptra BBL?


Here are the significant advantages of the treatment over traditional BBL and other butt improvement options. 

  • Safe Treatment

Firstly, only a board-certified plastic surgeon can provide this treatment. If you get a certified surgeon, the chances that the treatment will cause adverse effects are nominal. Moreover, it is minimally invasive, meaning you will not have any scarring or infection. Compared to other treatments that require more time and may even require cutting, it is much safer.

  • Convenience

BBL treatments involve significant downtime, necessitating time off work. Moreover, they leave you worrying about how you sit, walk, and do other activities. Also, you may need to go under during the procedure because of the pain. 

With Sculptra, you will not need to worry about any of these because it is minimally invasive. Furthermore, the procedure takes only a short time, maybe only requiring local anesthesia. The procedure takes about thirty minutes; after, you can resume regular daily activity immediately.

  • Cost-effective

Because the procedure is short and the surgeon does not need to set aside too much time, it is much cheaper. While cheap may not be an attractive label, a better, more accurate description would be cost-effective. 

Compared to other procedures, it is much more economically sound. For one, you do not need to stop worrying about getting it. Also, you do not need to spend money on home care or buying donut pillows. The cost of the procedure itself is also much less than traditional BBL.

  • Efficiency

The procedure renders results that can last up to two years, which is impressive. Studies show many patients report satisfactory results, especially after receiving over 20 vials.

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