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Scar Revision in Fort Lauderdale, FL

For residents of the Weston and Pembroke Pines area, scar revision surgery is designed to address any scar so that it is less noticeable by making it much more consistent with your surrounding skin tone and texture. Scars can, unfortunately, detract from your cosmetic appearance which is why when it comes to superior attention to detail and an expert aesthetic eye, you can depend upon one of South Florida’s top cosmetic surgery practices, Weston Center for Plastic Surgery, and Nathan Eberle, M.D., D.D.S. for superior scar revision solutions.

What is Scar Revision?

Scars are a visual problem because they degrade your appearance as your skin texture and tone are less even and more cosmetically compromised, which is aesthetically distracting. It is critically important to address any scars you may have so you can feel confident that the real you is visible, not distracting scar tissue problems. The best way to do this is by turning to a plastic surgeon with the highest level of talent and experience. If you believe that your cosmetic appearance is currently being undermined by unsightly scar tissue, then Nathan Eberle, M.D., D.D.S., can give you precisely the level of attention to detail and an excellent aesthetic eye to address your scar tissue issues. Dr. Eberle is a maxillofacial, general and plastic surgery credentialed surgeon who brings 10 plus years of training and experience specifically devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery and surgery of the head and neck, and Dr. Eberle is one of only 75 surgeons in the United States with these credentials, which makes him ideally suited for your scar revision requirements. Scar revision surgery is meant to minimize the scar so that it is more consistent with your surrounding skin tone and texture. Scars are visible signs that remain after a wound has healed, and while they are the unavoidable results of injury or surgery, their development can be unpredictable. Poor healing may contribute to scars that are obvious, unsightly or disfiguring. Even a wound that heals well can result in a scar that affects your appearance. Scars may be raised or recessed, different in color or texture from surrounding healthy tissue or particularly noticeable due to their size, shape or location.

Benefits of Scar Revision

There’s no doubt that while scars are essential to the healing process, they can also result in an unpleasant and undesirable cosmetic appearance. If you have any type of scar tissue that is affecting your comfort or appearance, from keloids to hypertrophic scars, you may benefit from scar revision surgery. Keloids are larger than hypertrophic scars, and they can be painful or itchy, and may also pucker. They extend beyond the edges of an original wound or incision. Keloids can occur anywhere on your body, but they develop more commonly where there is little underlying fatty tissue, such as on the face, neck, ears, chest or shoulders. Hypertrophic scars are thick clusters of scar tissue that develop directly at a wound site. They are often raised, red and uncomfortable, and they may become wider over time. They can be hyperpigmented (darker in color) or hypopigmented (lighter in color).

Is Scar Revision Right for Me?

Scar revision is a highly individualized procedure, and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image. Scar revision can be performed on patients of any age and is a good option for you if you are bothered by a scar anywhere on your body. One of the greatest benefits of scar revision is that it can help to lessen the symptoms of certain types of scars such as pain. Keloid scars, for instance, can often cause pain, discomfort, and itching. Scar revision can help to remove the scar tissue, or it can be used to help make the scar tissue much less painful and irritating, in addition to minimizing its appearance.

How Involved is the Procedure for Scar Revision?

Dr. Eberle will develop a treatment plan that is personalized to your specific scar revision needs, and there are a variety of possible treatment modalities that he may choose from and recommend to you. Medications are administered for your comfort during surgical procedures, which may include local anesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The degree of improvement that can be achieved with your scar revision will depend on the severity of your scarring, and the type, size and location of the scar. In some cases, a single technique may provide significant improvement. However, Dr. Eberle may recommend a combination of scar revision techniques to achieve the best results. Some scars require layered closure. Layered closure is often used where excision extends to tissue below the skin surface or in areas with a high degree of movement. The first step, or layer, requires sub-dermal closure (below the skin surface) with absorbable or non-removable sutures. Layers of closure continue to build, concluding with closure of the remaining surface wound. Dr. Eberle also can utilize advanced techniques in scar revision including complex flap closure to reposition a scar so that it is less conspicuous, or to improve flexibility where contracture has restricted mobility.

How Long is the Recovery after Scar Revision?

The initial healing phase of your surgical scar revision may result in some localized swelling, discoloration or discomfort and may take 1 to 2 weeks. Healing will continue for several weeks and as the new scar heals it will slowly refine and fade. With dermabrasion, chemical peel or laser resurfacing, you will experience similar conditions at the treated area, in addition to overall sensitivity. Your results will be long-lasting. However it may take several months for your final results to become apparent and in some cases, it may take a year for the new scar to fully heal and fade.

What is the Cost of Scar Revision?

The exact price of your scar revision treatment will depend upon the size and nature of your scar tissue issue, in addition to other considerations related to your surgical plan. Financing is available.

What Should I Do Next?

Scars are an aesthetic problem because of the way in which they compromise the appearance of the skin, lessening your cosmetic appeal. The aesthetic damage that scars can cause to your cosmetic appearance is not something you have to live with any longer, and for the residents of the Weston and Pembroke Pines area who want to eliminate unsightly scars, take the time right now to schedule your appointment with one of South Florida’s top cosmetic surgery practices, Weston Center for Plastic Surgery, and Nathan Eberle, M.D., D.D.S. for excellent scar revision to minimize any scars that may be detracting from your cosmetic appearance. Contact us today!

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